Reduce your fuel costs, Increase your profits

Diesel is expensive and it accounts for more than 40% of your truck’s operating cost.
Unfortunately, more than ever, thieves are stealing it.

Two types of fuel theft…

You hear the horror stories in the press of large scale fuel theft occurring at depots, truck parks and lay-bys.
However, this 3rd party diesel theft is only 1% of the problem. 
99% of HGV fuel theft takes place through
a sneaky process 
called skimming. And it’s a virtually undetectable crime.

Small amounts of fuel are siphoned – little and often. This doesn’t register on telematics, fuel monitoring systems
or MPG figures. You probably won’t realise it’s happening.

As little as 5-10 litres of fuel lost per truck, on a weekly basis, soon puts a dent in your fleet’s profits.
This, in an industry where profit margins are already wafer thin.

The good news is, we’ll make sure this never happens to you…

Protect yourself Save your money Increase your profit

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