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Rogue anti siphon big gaps garth. TankSafe Optimum from TISS. Stopping fuel theft and helping truck owners and operators.

Rogue anti-siphon no match for TankSafe Optimum!
Rogue anti-siphons are causing a big headache for fleet operators. Last week TankSafe Optimum discussed how “skimming” is an ongoing problem for the industry....
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TankSafe Optimum. Christmas competition. LinkedIn.

MERRY TISSMAS – our festive competition! Ts & Cs
THE OPTIMUM XMAS GIVEAWAY! Christmas has come early at TISS HQ - we’ve got some big presents to deliver if we manage to get...
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Tommy Too Long rogue anti-siphon. Helping haulage operators fight third party fuel theft.

TankSafe Optimum takes on skimming
“Skimming” is a big issue in the industry, the process of taking small amounts of diesel – little and often – from fuel tanks,...
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Sam spitter, rogue anti-syphon. Part of the band of faulty diesel anti-siphons being fought by TankSafe Optimum.

The Curse of the Anti-Siphons, part three!
Health & Safety is high on the agenda with most fleet owners these days, with the environment playing an important part in how budgets...
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Weak-based Willie is one of five rogue being fought by TankSafe Optimum, the ultimate protection for your fuel tank from third party theft

TankSafe Optimum – Curse of the Anti-Siphons – part 2
In this blog, TankSafe Optimum talks about what makes him different from other anti-siphons and why his own superpowers make him the best. Dependable....
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