“Although we have fitted the ‘Impregnable’ for the primary reason that they stop diesel spills, the fact that they are the most effective devices at preventing siphoning is also of huge benefit to the company”


“It is easy to fit and helped us improve our MPG figures for the fleet”


“By fitting the anti-siphon at newbuild, the cost of the anti-siphon is lost in the total capitalisation of the truck”

fowler welch

“We found the device easy to fit and are now achieving significant fuel savings across the fleet”


“Having fitted 40 of our Trucks with the TISS Ltd ‘Impregnable’, I estimate I have saved £800 per month on our monthly fuel bills”


“we are renowned for our efforts to protect the environment and are always extremely interested in any product or service that helps maintain our high standards”


“Constantly analysing fuel figures is time-consuming. Therefore, I am delighted to have the piece of mind that by fitting TISS Ltd’ anti-siphons, our fuel is fully protected”


“TankSafe has been highly effective in preventing both fuel theft and diesel spillages”


Since fitting TankSafe, we have saved over £2000 a month on our fuel bills”


“The device was easy to fit and highly effective in preventing fuel theft”

reed boardall

“It is easy to fit and represents excellent value for money”

“The savings in fuel costs outweighed the costs of the TISS Ltd device”