• 1. Why is the TankSafe® ‘Optimum’ device unique?

    Due to its unique design, which includes a float-valve that is protected by our patented anti-tamper mechanism in the device chamber, the ‘Optimum’ is the only device available that completely prevents ANY fuel being siphoned, stops diesel spillages and prevents overfilling.

  • 2. How does the TankSafe® ‘Standard’ differ from other anti-siphons?

    The TankSafe® ‘Standard’ contains a unique, patent-pending, solid ‘Dome’ base, which sits high in the ‘Standard’s neck, therefore minimizing the amount of fuel that can be siphoned. This means it is the most effective basic anti-siphon at preventing 3rd Party theft compared with other basic devices in the independent tests. Additionally, the 2 inch thick Aluminium base cannot be knocked out, therefore exposing the whole tank of diesel to potential theft. The TankSafe® ‘Standard’ offers 75% more protection than other basic anti-siphons – see our independent test results.

  • 3. Does TankSafe® prevent diesel spills?

    Our ‘Optimum’ system DOES prevent spillage – an important Health and Safety and Environmental benefit. No anti-siphons have this feature.

  • 4. Does TankSafe® affect filling speed?

    Both the TankSafe® ‘Optimum’ and ‘Standard’ have been tested to fill above 140 litres per min (fastest commercial pump) and have no adverse effect on filling speed.

  • 5. What if the operator does not believe they are suffering fuel theft?

    Customers have reported improvements of 0.5mpg per vehicle after fitting the TankSafe® ‘Optimum’. Other customers have reported savings of 40% on their annual fuel bill, which is primarily due to preventing regular and undetectable occurrences of internal theft.

  • 6. When will I start to make a financial saving after fitting TankSafe®?

    Payback can be achieved in as little as 6 weeks with the ‘Optimum’. Please see our payback calculator to estimate how soon you think you can achieve a return on investment.

  • 7. How is TankSafe® fitted to the fuel tank?

    TankSafe® is available either as a permanent fitting using adhesive or as a transferrable unit supplied with Grub Screws.

  • 8. If the filler neck is protected, surely the thief will just spike the tank?

    99% of fuel theft can be attributed to the practice of skimming. This is the terminology for siphoning off the top 25-50 litres of fuel from the tank on a regular basis. This practice makes it extremely difficult to identify theft using fuel monitoring resources. Often this theft is conducted internally; therefore these thieves are highly unlikely to damage the fuel tank. Additionally, if a 3rd party thief sees a Truck protected by TankSafe, they are more liable to attack a truck that has no device fitted.

  • 9. If Trucks are on lease or hire, how will this be affected by fitting TankSafe®?

    The transferrable fitting option means that at the end of the lease period the unit can be removed with no damage to the fuel tank.

  • 10. What is TankSafe® manufactured from?

    The TankSafe® range is manufactured from Aluminium, ensuring the TankSafe® range contains the most robust devices available, with no issues of corrosion.

  • 11. Is TankSafe® compliant with Customs and Excise Regulations?

    Please see the statement below from the Head of the Fuel Testing Unit of Customs and Excise:
    “No HM Revenue & Customs legislation is being breached by the fitment of fuel antitheft devices. The only legal provision on the part of the owner/responsible person in respect of a vehicle is to provide a fuel sample when required…. by making available a sample from another part of the fuelling system, normally from a point in the fuelling system close to the engine… Where we do encounter anti-theft devices in nearly all cases it has been possible to reach an amicable solution to the sampling problem and meet the requirements of the legislation.”
    SJ Hopkins, Senior Policy Advisor, HM Revenue & Customs.

  • 12. Are the TankSafe® range of devices patent protected?

    The TankSafe® range of devices are protected by 40 different patents granted and pending in 45 different territories around the world. TISS Ltd’ devices are also protected by extensive design rights and trademarks. Any infringement or allegation of infringement of our intellectual property is taken extremely seriously and investigated thoroughly by our IP Lawyers and we would welcome notification of any inferior copies of our devices. Please forward any information to us via our contact form.

  • 13. What guarantee is provided for the TankSafe® devices?

    All TISS Ltd’ TankSafe® devices come with a 3 year guarantee and are accredited with the Manufacturing Quality standard BS EN ISO 9001:2000. They are manufactured from Aluminium and as such cannot corrode and should outlast the life of the vehicle. Should you perceive the TankSafe® devices to be performing unsatisfactorily within the first 12 months of your purchase, and a subsequent TISS Ltd investigation reveals that this is due to a manufacturing fault, then we will happily offer you a complete refund and will collect the systems from you

  • 14. Pricing – how much are the TankSafe® fuel security devices?

    Pricing will vary and will be dependent on the specific TankSafe® device model and volume ordered. Please contact sales@tissltd.com for more information.  

  • 15. Who are your current clients?

    Our valued customers include: Fed Ex, Ceva, Sainsbury’s, Muller Wiseman Dairies, Co-Op, Cemex, Tesco, Maritime, ASDA, Reed Boardall.

  • 16. How do I contact TISS?

    You can contact us via the following methods – info@tissltd.com or alternatively call us on +44 (0) 1253 400 401