Anti-siphons, the curse being battled by TankSafe Optimum. Five devices who are assist in fuel theft by siphoning, skimming and causing spillages.

Anti-siphons can go rogue. In the first of a series of blogs for TISS, TankSafe Optimum talks about his hometown of Trucksville and how it shaped his life in order to protect those who fear fuel theft the most – the business owners.

Trucksville is a dangerous place.

I should know, I’ve been watching the thieves around here for years like a hawk.

They lurk in the shadows, in the low-lit depots, the vacant workshops at night and the places where no other person wishes to tread.


All in search of one piece of treasure. Diesel.

It’s a prize they all look for, something they can either sell on or use for themselves. All at the expense of a business owner who has a family to support, bills to pay and a home to keep over their heads.

Try as they might, the owners instruct their fleet engineers to do their best to protect their tanks, usually with a thin budget or none at all, the engineers task is made all the more difficult.

I see everything, I feel everything. When a tank is targeted, I wonder which of the band of rogue anti-siphons has been at fault. Could it be Weak Base Willie, a simple knock will end his life; or perhaps its Big Gaps Garth, with holes so big it’s no wonder the thieves are laughing all the way to their car fuel tank. Maybe it’s Tommy Too Long, a lanky chap who just lets thieves skim more than usual; or it could be Misfit Marlow, and anti-siphon so badly designed a simple wrench could take him from his filler neck.

And then there’s Sam Spitter, an anti-siphon who not only douses the drivers in diesel but causes headaches for fleet engineers as not only does he spit, he also doesn’t fill properly. A real loose cannon.

Pain. Pain is everywhere. It’s caused by the rogues. They excel in it, they thrive at it and what’s more, they are good at it. Fitting one of these guys is like writing a death sentence for your business, only it won’t happen overnight, it’ll be a long, slow, painful decline for your business.

There is hope though, and I am that hope. What I see, I can prevent. What I feel, I can secure. My heart is like no other, it can be the beating heart of your business.

Want to know why? You’ll have to wait for my next blog to find out.

Till next time, I’m signing off.