When we discuss fuel theft, the most common reaction to fleet operators is the action of completely draining the tank.
In fact, the most common sort of fuel theft is little and often, many times carried out internally, up to around 20 litres at any time.
These can add up over time, affecting your bottom line on your biggest outgoing expenses.
We talk to a lot of customers who continue to be frustrated with small amounts of fuel going missing from their trucks.
Here’s some maths to illustrate our point about fuel being taken little and often:
  • 5 incidents of skimming, 20 litres each time, happening three times a week
  • That’s 300 litres every week
  • 1,200 litres every month
  • 14,400 litres every year
  • Over the life of a truck that’s around 43,200 litres
The TankSafe® ‘Optimum’ is the only fuel security device to completely protect the fuel tank from “skimming” and diesel theft. For a demonstration of how it works, click here.
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