thomas harwood fuel theft impregnable

In our latest blog of our ongoing “Mythbusters” campaign, we look at a subject which many fleet owners have to deal with when it comes to fuel security – budgets. 

It is true that the TankSafe ‘Optimum’ costs more than a basic ‘anti-siphon’.

However, the TankSafe ‘Optimum’ is a very different solution compared to other ‘anti-siphons’.

Whilst anti-siphons do offer some protection against third party theft, many fleets have told us that after fitting anti-siphons they are still surprised to be suffering large MPG variances, concerned they still receive driver complaints about slow filling and spitback and frustrated that fuel loss is still occurring.

The TankSafe ‘Optimum’ is far more than an anti-siphon due to its robust design, permanent fitting method, ability to accept fast filling speeds and unique float-valve which prevents 100% fuel theft or spillage. For a demonstration, please click here.

Whilst it is likely that the TankSafe ‘Optimum’ will be outside the budget you had considered for fitting fuel security devices, our fleet customers have said that the fuel bill saving after fitting the ‘Optimum’ meant the devices paid for themselves within 3-8 weeks.

Moreover, the fleet directors we are regularly in conversation with have achieved fuel savings of between 2 and 10% by investing in TankSafe devices throughout their vehicles.

If any of the above resonates with you and you would like an initial conversation, please contact TISS on 01253 400 401 or email