In our latest “Mythbusters” blog, we look at telematics systems, their usefulness and if they can actually help with the issue of fuel loss.

We agree that fuel management systems are great for monitoring fuel usage across the fleet.

Using the latest technology, telematics are effective in they can tell you how much fuel you are using to get from A to B and give accurate readings on how much fuel is being used on journeys.

They don’t, however, tell you where you could be losing fuel.

Without having a physical device in place it is impossible to tell whether your fleet has become the target of fuel theft. Internal theft can happen little and often through the simple practice of “skimming” and larger amounts of fuel can be stolen through siphoning the fuel tanks.

Although many fleets employ telematics, we frequently hear from hauliers still surprised that their MPG figures are below what they expect to achieve.

They are concerned that the telematics’ ongoing maintenance costs eat into their budget and frustrated by how monitoring and managing the system impacts on their time and does not physically prevent fuel theft occurring.

The TankSafe ‘Optimum’ is a physical prevention against fuel theft before, during and after a journey. It is easy to fit in under five minutes without causing your engineers undue stress and has no ongoing maintenance requirements of costs.

If you think TankSafe could potentially be of benefit for you, please call TISS today on 01253 400401 or e-mail