In the first of a series of blogs on the many misconceptions of fuel security, we talk Mythbusters.

There are so many myths around anti-siphons and in this series we are aiming to dispell the rumours, starting with:

“We don’t have a fuel theft problem”

The majority of fleet operators we speak with believe this.

So much so that some have already taken proactive measures such as fitting anti-siphons, employing fuel management systems or utilising other security measures.

However, we still hear from operators who are frustrated that they experience lower than expected MPG figures or are concerned that the measures they have taken provide the requisite level of security.

Some believe that installing telematics systems can improve their MPG varients, which to a certain extent could be true but it does not act as an effective deterrent in the fight against fuel theft.

TankSafe devices are a physical barrier which acts as an effective stop gap against attack from the fuel in your tank.

Fleets who typically achieve between a 1% and 10% reduction on fuel bills are fitting the TankSafe ‘Optimum’.

We don’t know how much a 1% saving would benefit you, however, if you feel it is worth a conversation please contact TISS on 01253 400401 or e-mail