TISS Ltd are pleased to announce their most recent fleet partnership with the Bartrum Group, one of the UK’s leading haulage and warehousing companies, for the supply of their Award-Winning, TankSafe™ Fuel Security and Safety Devices.

The deal, has reaped immediate returns for Bartrum’s 80 strong fleet of Mercedes Actros tractor units that have been fitted with the flagship TankSafe™ “Impregnable” Fuel Security and Safety Device – the World’s only device to completely stop any siphoning, skimming and diesel spills.

The Bartrum Group Ltd’s Business Development Manager Andrew Watton said, “Our decision to fit a fuel security and safety device to our fleet of Mercedes Tractor units came after several incidents of fuel theft. The decision to use the TankSafe™ ‘Impregnable’ Fuel Security and Safety Device was made easy in comparison to other products on the market as it was the only product to offer 100% fuel protection. The devices are simple to install, the build quality is excellent, and they all returned a quick ROI. After delivering unparalleled results consistently during initial trials, we are now installing the devices across the fleet”.

In addition to the  TankSafe™ “Impregnable” Fuel Security and Safety Device, TISS Ltd also offer over 63 different TankSafe™ models, enabling fitment to all Trucks, Vans, Plant Equipment and Refrigerated Trailers.  TISS Ltd also sell in over 40 different territories through a network of distributors and OE manufacturers.

TISS Ltd’ Head of Business Development, Paul Cook, commented: “Choosing our flagship TankSafe™ “Impregnable” Fuel Security and Safety Device means that the Bartrum Group have 100% fuel protection.  We are confident that our proven technology will help them meet their core business objectives more efficiently, and we look forward to a long lasting partnership with them”.