Rogue anti siphon big gaps garth. TankSafe Optimum from TISS. Stopping fuel theft and helping truck owners and operators.

Rogue anti-siphons are causing a big headache for fleet operators. Last week TankSafe Optimum discussed how “skimming” is an ongoing problem for the industry. In his latest blog, he takes on his latest foe – Big Gaps Garth – a real handful but a manner from heaven for fuel thieves.

Big holes mean big rewards for fuel thieves.

Rogue anti-siphon manufacturers seem to think that having big holes in a device is some sort of deterrent for fuel thieves.

The fools!

Fuel your fears

In fact, big holes, or any type of hole in a device, is good news for people who want to get their hands on the contents of a fuel tank. All you need is a few basic tools and boom, the fuel is yours.

While the likes of Tommy Too Long allows you to skim to the base of the rogue anti-siphon, Big Gaps Garth lets you dig deeper into the tank to get EVERYTHING.

The holes within Big Gaps Garth can be large enough to accommodate a number of siphoning tubes to the bottom of the tank, allowing a thief to empty the whole thing, hundreds of pounds-worth of diesel gone within minutes.

Even a quick glance inside the filler neck can expose the fuel which is available thanks to this useless anti-siphon, the holes just add to the ease!

TankSafe Optimum doesn’t have any holes and no pipes or tubes can fit down the internal workings of the tube to get to the fuel. It’s impossible for anything to penetrate my workings and believe me, many have tried, and failed.

Robust, tough and incredibly efficient, as well as able to fit into any fuel tank, I am the only fuel security device capable to protecting the diesel which you put into me.

No holes. No fuel. No headaches.

Till the next time…