TISS Ltd are delighted to announce a Europe-wide partnership with Schmitz Cargobull, Europe’s largest Trailer Manufacturer, for the supply of their Award-Winning TankSafe™ Fuel Security Devices. The agreement means TankSafe™ is available through Schmitz’s Aftermarket network and as a Factory fit option.

Signed earlier in 2013, the Agreement has reaped immediate returns for Schmitz customers with thousands of units already supplied prior to the Anti-Siphon being officially launched.

Protection of Refrigerated Trailers’ Fuel Tanks is of vital importance to Operators. In addition to the financial cost of fuel theft, it is also vital to prevent fuel loss because the diesel in the fuel tank is also used to run the cooling unit for the refrigerated trailer. Strict legislation decrees that temperature parameters inside the trailer have to be held up strictly to exact defined minus degrees due to the transported goods and have to be documented for the entire transport.

The Schmitz TankSafe™ Anti-Siphon has been developed specifically for Schmitz’ refrigerated trailer range. The bespoke design incorporates the unique TankSafe™ patent-pending solid ‘Dome’ base, which ensures it offers the most effective protection against 3rd Party Fuel Theft. Additionally, at the request of Schmitz, the Anti-Siphon has been designed to prevent overfilling.

TISS Ltd’ Managing Director Ryan Wholey, “I am delighted to announce this agreement with Schmitz. Partnering with Europe’s largest trailer manufacturer is a real indication that TISS Ltd are recognised as the World’s Leading Fuel Security Specialists. I look forward to enjoying a long and rewarding partnership with Schmitz Cargobull”.

Alois Kerkhoff, Schmitz Cargobull’s head of reefer development in Vreden commented: “having assessed the Anti-Siphon market, it was clear from initial tests that TISS Ltd’ TankSafe™ range were the most effective devices. In addition to the effectiveness and high quality of TankSafe™, we were very impressed with TISS Ltd’ consistent high level of service and technical expertise, including the rapid development of prototypes at very short notice to satisfy our requirements”.

In addition to the Schmitz TankSafe™ Anti-Siphon, the entire TankSafe™ range is available through Schmitz, including the Award-Winning TankSafe ‘Impregnable – the only Fuel Security Device to completely prevent any siphoning, skimming and diesel spills.