Weak-based Willie is one of five rogue being fought by TankSafe Optimum, the ultimate protection for your fuel tank from third party theft

In this blog, TankSafe Optimum talks about what makes him different from other anti-siphons and why his own superpowers make him the best.


If there’s one word I would use to describe myself when being compared to anti-siphons then it’s the one above.

The five rogues I spoke about last week all have fundamental flaws, something which makes them easy prey for fuel thieves. Whether it’s in their design or the way they fit into the filler neck, these guys just don’t protect the fuel in your tank.

I’m different, I’m unlike other devices out there. Others may have tried to copy me but they have failed and I remain the undisputed champion of fuel security and safety for fleets across the globe.

Without giving too much away – us superheroes have to have some secrets you know – it is impossible to by-pass my internal workings. I am unbreakable and I stop at nothing to make sure the fuel which has gone through me stays where it is.

With the rogue anti-siphons, it’s easy to pass tubes through their scrawny, badly designed, necks to access the fuel below. It’s known in the industry as a process called “skimming” which often goes undetected to fleet owners who are unaware that small amounts of fuel go missing every so often.

You can get around 20 litres of fuel from them and in some cases, the longer the rogue anti-siphon – like Tommy Too Long – you can get up to 60 litres.

And it gets worse for fleet owners because rogue anti-siphons like Weak-based Willie are so flimsy, knocking their base out means a thief can get access to all the fuel – around £500 worth – and all the while bosses think they are protected. Fools!

Can you imagine the pain of wiping out a full tank of fuel every week?

I’ll leave you with that thought, till next time…