TankSafe Optimum starts in Optimum Strikes Back

TankSafe Optimum – the latest fuel theft fighting superhero is set to hit the small screen this month.

Just a few months after introducing himself as the future of fuel protection for the haulage industry, TankSafe Optimum will battle with the “rogue anti-siphons” in a new animation, created by the experts of fuel security and safety, TISS.

The film, set in the fictional city of Truckem, shows how TankSafe Optimum can protect fleet owners and operators from “basic” anti-siphons which are hoodwinking  haulage firms into thinking they are protected against fuel loss, when in reality these rogue anti-siphons continue to allow fuel to be easily siphoned.

You can view the animation here. 

TISS illustrator Andrew Green and videographer Shaun Nelson brought the character to life, basing TankSafe® Optimum on comic books from their childhood.

Nick Hyde, marketing manager for TISS Ltd, said: “We have received a lot of positive feedback since launching the TankSafe ‘Optimum’ character last year.

“We want to make him front and centre of all our marketing campaigns, making fleet owners and operators aware that diesel theft is a real threat and only one device can give you peace of mind.

“We are very proud of the animation as it is not only unique in this industry but also illustrates the fundamental issue of fuel theft and spillages on a global scale.”

In the past 17 years, TISS has been at the forefront of this fight, developing systems which make it impossible for people to steal this most precious commodity. Now in its current form, the Optimum is the next generation of fuel security.

Every year, millions of pounds-worth of fuel is stolen – either through driver theft, spillage or skimming – leaving businesses counting the cost and looking for a way of fighting against fuel loss.