Tommy Too Long rogue anti-siphon. Helping haulage operators fight third party fuel theft.

“Skimming” is a big issue in the industry, the process of taking small amounts of diesel – little and often – from fuel tanks, under the radar so it isn’t noticed. Rogue anti-siphons are responsible for this and Tommy Too Long is just one culprit. In his latest blog, TankSafe Optimum, discusses this huge problem.


It’s something which is the scourge of the HGV industry and affects thousands of fleets across the UK every week.

And the worrying thing is that many fleet owners and engineers don’t even know it’s happening – or, in some cases, what skimming is.

So what is it?

It’s a relatively easy process. Badly designed anti-siphons all have a fundamental flaw in that thieves can access a lot of fuel from the top of the tank to the base of the anti-siphon. The length of the anti-siphon depends on how much diesel you can skim.

Which brings me to Tommy Too Long. This lanky anti-siphon reaches further into the filler neck than most of his other rogue mates meaning more fuel can be taken. Fleet engineers are unknowingly fitting these devices and thinking everything is OK. Meanwhile, fuel bills continue to rise so prices will rise and customers will, ultimately, go elsewhere.

Missing your fuel?

The fact is hundreds of litres of diesel is going missing right under the noses of fleet bosses.

My army of TankSafe Optimums speak to a lot of fleet engineers and owners who are unaware that up to 90% of all fuel theft is an internal issue. Due to it being little and often, fuel going missing is often unseen which is why fleet engineers are unable to act on it.

Just a quick search on online platforms, you can see the issue. Drivers parking up overnight and being targeted while they sleep, using laybys instead of secured parking areas leaves them vulnerable to attack. Sometimes, even secured parking areas are a hunting ground for fuel thieves.

You can see where the pain is being felt. Prices go up, profits go down, and the business suffers as a result. Diesel continues to go missing due to fuel theft so more capital is being spent on what is already the biggest expense a company has to shell out for.

All anti-siphons put you at risk of skimming – all expect TankSafe Optimum. A unique float valve – my heart – puts a stop to overfilling and the way I am uniquely designed means nothing can pass through my chamber.

Together we can stop these rogue anti-siphons, by fitting TankSafe Optimum, fuel will not go missing under the noses of fleet operators and engineers.

And then profits start to go up, and everyone is happy…

…until the next rogue anti-siphon comes along…