Sam spitter, rogue anti-syphon. Part of the band of faulty diesel anti-siphons being fought by TankSafe Optimum.

Health & Safety is high on the agenda with most fleet owners these days, with the environment playing an important part in how budgets are maintained. In his latest blog, TankSafe Optimum talks about one rogue anti-siphon who has little time for our precious planet.

Spitting is a dirty habit.

There’s nothing worse than a driver who is just about to start his day getting covered in diesel due to a dodgy rogue anti-siphon in the filler neck.

Filling the fuel tank isn’t the most glamorous of jobs at the best of times but to have a rogue anti-siphon delaying your day and damaging the environment does cause frustration for fleet owners and engineers.

The dodgy anti-siphon in question is Sam Spitter – a real rogue – who’s greatest pleasure in life is to spit and spill diesel all over the place when the tank is being filled. This anti-siphon thinks nothing of health and safety, nor does it care whether the driver, the floor, or indeed the planet suffers due to their actions.


Sam’s also a time waster. Filling with fuel is a necessity but it shouldn’t have to take forever, but with Sam’s terrible internal design it feels like forever. More frustration for fleet owners with times to keep and cash flow to keep an eye on.

The longer Sam Spitter sits in a filler neck, the more time drivers and their superiors are wasting their energy while the company – and its employees – suffer.

Which is why I, TankSafe Optimum, had to do something about it. I can no longer stand idly by and watch as a poor fleet engineer stresses as another driver waves a health and safety poster at him. Drivers and the environment demand a change.

TankSafe Optimum is that change.

With my unique internal design, fuel flows where it is expected to flow – from the pump into the tank, at up to 140 litres per min – and it stays there. The driver stays clean and the environment does not suffer due to yet another rogue anti-siphon.

Another success, but there are other anti-siphon threats out there.

Next week, I’ll tackle a real long shot…