Faulty anti-siphon devices taken during a fuel inspection service by TISS.

The environment needs taking care of – that much we know.

While we realise we cannot stop the polar ice caps melting or deforestation, we can help prevent diesel spills which can cause problems in the local environment.

Simple checks to fuel tanks sometimes go unnoticed when fleet inspections are carried out.

Which is why, in the past few months, TISS has launched its own free Fuel Tank Inspection Service, which can instantly spot infringements such as damaged fuel caps, brimmed tanks and broken or missing spill flaps.

These are just some of the defects which can cause your vehicle to lose fuel, damaging the environment and causing safety concerns in depots, workshops and on the road.

Over the past few months, TISS fuel safety technicians have carried out dozens of inspections on hundreds of fuel tanks of varying fleet sizes and the results have been surprising.

Most fuel tanks have shown no protection within the filler neck, leaving the tank vulnerable to spillages and diesel theft. If a tank is left unprotected, then it can be drained within seconds but thieves using basic tools such as a pump and large container.

Some tanks which have protection are still targets for theft because the devices are sub-standard, and diesel can still be skimmed or siphoned.

Other faults discovered by our technicians include broken cap chains, faulty drain plugs, fuel splashes and badly-fitted anti-siphon devices.

With the environment such a hot topic now, its important fleets stay ahead of the game in ensuring their vehicles are not causing unnecessary damage to the planet.

If you are reading this blog and any of the above resonates with you, contact TISS today on 01253 400401, e-mail info@tissltd.com or visit www.tissltd.com