In the latest in a series of blogs about anti-siphons, we look at the issue of fuel spills and how they can cause problems for both the drivers and fleet operators who have fitted sub-standard devices.

Has the above image ever happened to you? 

The reasons diesel spills are caused vary from:

  • Over-filling fuel tanks
  • Not re-fitting the filler cap properly
  • Worn seals on caps

Even a small amount of diesel spillage can cause problems for the driver – where time is money depending on the cargo – and the environment – where, if not contained properly, spilled fuel can be hazardous.

Anti-siphons do not prevent overfilling as there is no “shut off” on the filling procedure and it is then possible to brim the device. Secondly, none are fitted with an anti-spill mechanism (ASM) which prevents spills when a faulty cap is in place or a device is not fitted properly.

The new TankSafe ‘Optimum’ Fuel Security Device is more than an anti-siphon. Its robust design and unique float-valve ensures it protects the fleet operator against all siphoning, skimming, overfilling and diesel spills.

For a demonstration, please click here. Customers have the choice of adding an ASM to their device.