Our first in a series of blogs about how TankSafe products compare with others on the market focuses on the inherent weakness of badly designed anti-siphons.

Are you concerned the above image could be happening to your fleet?

All anti-siphons have the same the inherent weakness – thin bases and weak structural design mean they can be easily vandalised or punched through by fuel thieves with just a hammer and chisel.  In most cases, the head of the anti-siphon remains in place on the filler neck, leading you to think all is OK with the anti-siphon.

The new TankSafe ‘Optimum’ Fuel Security Device is more than an anti-siphon.  Its robust design and unique float-valve ensures it protects the fleet operator against all siphoning, skimming, overfilling and diesel spills. For a demonstration, click here.

TISS are offering FREE trials of the TankSafe ‘Optimum’. Please contact Paul Cook on 01253 400401 or paul.cook@tissltd.com to arrange a trial or for further information.