An example of how much can be skimmed from a basic diesel ant-siphon. Competitors to the TankSafe devices.

In our latest blog on the weaknesses of other anti-siphons on the market, we take a look at how most fail to protect against the practice of “skimming”.

Does “skimming” concern you?

Whilst anti-siphons do offer some protection against third party theft, their inherent design weaknesses mean they do not protect against the practice of “skimming”, which accounts for 99% of all fuel theft.

Because all anti-siphons’ chambers sit in the fuel within the fuel tank it means it is always possible to siphon fuel to the base of the device using a simple siphoning tube and jerry can. Depending on the length of the anti-siphon and size of your fuel tank, this could mean as much as 100 litres of fuel being skimmed on a regular basis.

The new TankSafe ‘Optimum’ Fuel Security Device is more than an anti-siphon.  Its robust design and unique float-valve ensures it protects the fleet operator against all siphoning, skimming, overfilling and diesel spills.

For a demonstration, please click here.