Anti-siphon devices from different manufacturers. All these allow skimming and siphoning for fuel theft.

In our latest blog we look at how simple, yet effective measures are being used by opportunist fuel thieves to get to your diesel, even though an anti-siphon might be present.

All these anti-siphons are an opportunity for fuel theft. Fuel thieves are always prepared, therefore will often have small siphoning pipes with them in case they encounter anti-siphons.

All anti-siphons have perforated bases or sizeable openings in their walls. By feeding the smaller siphoning tubes through these openings, fuel can easily be siphoned. If the siphoning mechanism is attached to a generator, the whole tank can be emptied in minutes.

The new TankSafe ‘Optimum’ Fuel Security Device is more than an anti-siphon.  Its robust design and unique float-valve ensures it protects the fleet operator against all siphoning, skimming, overfilling and diesel spills. For a demonstration, please click here.