In our latest blog, we look at how poorly-fitted anti-siphons can leave your fleet vulnerable to fuel theft.

Poorly fitted anti-siphons are sometimes the simplest way of getting to your fuel. Thieves, armed with a basic wrench can easily remove an anti-siphon in seconds.

Alternatively, a thief can make the siphoning less obvious. Because the majority of anti-siphons are held in place with grub screws, many of which are easily accessible. A thief can keep removing the device to siphon fuel and replace the unit, meaning you do not realise any siphoning has occurred.

The new TankSafe ‘Optimum’ Fuel Security Device is more than an anti-siphon. A combined fitting of grub screws and specialist strong adhesive, it’s the most secure device on the market. Its robust design and unique float-valve ensures it protects the fleet operator against all siphoning, skimming, overfilling and diesel spills. For a demonstration, please click here.