Fuel security anti-siphon device

TISS have made their market-leading products even more secure as the TankSafe® manufacturer will now supply all their devices with both grub screws and specialist adhesive to add extra security for their customers.

Previously, customers had specified which method of fitment they wanted when placing their TankSafe® order.

TISS has recently launched its brand new TankSafe® Optimum fuel security and safety device – the most technologically advanced of its kind on the market.

Richard Forster, Technical Director for TISS, said: “Our TankSafe® products are the most robust on the market but by simply adding both adhesive and grub screws to the fitting of the devices it will make doubly certain the device stays in place no matter what attempts are made to remove them, leaving the customer safe in the knowledge their most valued commodity remains protected.”

Paul Cook, Head of Business Development at TISS, said: “Some customers may decide that the grub screws fitting method alone is adequate enough for their requirements and do not need the added adhesive.

“By providing both adhesive and grub screws it gives the customer the opportunity to choose their preferred fitting method.”