TISS fuel inspection report.

TISS have rolled out a UK-wide free fuel tank inspection service to help fleet owners and operators understand how protected they are against fuel loss.

The free audit covers a complete inspection of the vehicle’s fuel tank to check for signs of tampering in the filler neck, fuel cap, sender unit and drain plug in addition to an assessment of the robustness and effectiveness of any fuel security measures currently fitted within the filler neck.

Post-inspection, TISS’ technicians will provide the fleet operator with an in-depth report of the findings.

Rick Forster, Technical Director at TISS Ltd, said: “We have already carried out a number of inspections with fleets around the country.

“We find that too often the fuel tank is not observed during internal inspections and could leave it vulnerable to potential fuel theft.”

Ryan Wholey, CEO of TISS Ltd, said: “These free inspections are designed to give peace of mind to fleet owners and operators.

“On the one hand it could show that your fuel tank is protected and not at risk and on the other it could identify possible measures the steps you may consider taking to ensure you have full protection.”

To take up the opportunity of this FREE inspection service call TISS on 01253 400401 or e-mail info@tissltd.com