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Secondary Access Protection (S.A.P)

Permanent protection and physical deterrents for secondary fuel access points.

TISS Ltd are the ONLY company in the world to offer a complete end to end solution, protecting all secondary access points of the fuel system.

TankSafe™ S.A.P products will protect all access points, joints, and seals, using the world’s most advanced range of fuel security applications.

Suitable for the following applications;

  • Drain Plugs
  • Fuel hoses
  • Sender Units
  • Fuel Filters

Drain Plugs

The drain plug is an accessible point for 3rd party fuel theft .The tanks pre-fitted drain plug can be easily removed enabling thieves to drain the entire tank of fuel.

TISS Ltd offer both a physical deterrent (SealSafe®) and permanent solution (DrainSafe®) for fuel tank drain plugs. Read more about DrainSafe™ here.

Fuel Hoses

Fuel hoses can be easily separated and fuel can then be siphoned from any connection along the vehicle’s chassis.

ConnexSafe™ is a unique heat reactive material that shrouds the connections and makes the separation of the fuel hoses impossible. Read more about ConnexSafe™ here.

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Sender Units

The sender unit sits on top of the fuel tank. Manufactured from plastic it can be easily removed, enabling access to the fuel tank.

SenderSafe™ is a robust and easy to fit protective shield for the fuel sender unit. Read more about SenderSafe™ here.

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter on a commercial vehicle is the ‘beating heart’ of any fuel system, allowing fuel in and out of the filter housing to feed the engine. The point is another access point for furl theft

SealSafe™ is a malleable material that once dried, hardens like steel, and has been specifically designed to help deter thieves from gaining access to the entry points on the fuel filter housing. Read more about SealSafe™ here.

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