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Fuel Security & Safety Device

TankSafe Optimum completely stops any siphoning, skimming & diesel spills which can harm the environment.

The TankSafe® ‘Optimum’ Fuel Security & Safety Device.


  • Completely prevents any skimming, siphoning and diesel spills
  • Proven reduction in annual fuel bills of up to 15%
  • Typical return on investment achieved within 3-6 weeks 
Peace of mind

The TankSafe® ‘Optimum’ has a locking float valve at the bottom of the device which rises with the pressure of the fuel in the tank during filling, locking off as the fuel level reaches the top of the tank .This unique, patented device stops the fuel from rising into the chamber and therefore stops any skimming from across the top of the tank.

Frustrated with fuel loss?

The ‘locking float valve’ in the TankSafe® ‘Optimum’ also prevents over filling and spillages saving operators the cost and inconvenience of overfilled tanks and the dangers they inflict upon other road users and the environment.

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TankSafe® have over 70 different fitments for your trucks

Download fitment list here

Also available for Refrigerated Trailers, Plant Machinery, Buses and Vans.

Proven Savings with TankSafe