Mi Technology (a leading specialist truck testing facility) have tested and compared the effectiveness of the TankSafe range of devices against ‘basic’ anti- siphons on the market

Device Quantity Siphoned (Litres) Fills at 120 litres / Minutes Stops Skimming Stops Overfilling
TISSTankSafe 'Impregnable-HF' 0.038 tick tick tick
TISSTankSafe 'Standard' 10.0 tick X X
Fuel Keep 17.5 tick X X
Siphex 21.9 tick X X
Truck Protect 21.9 tick X X
BAT 34.3 X X X

All tests were conducted on a standard 330litre fuel tank.


‘Impregnable’ HF

The World's ONLY Device to completely stop any siphoning, skimming and diesel spills.

  • 100% Fuel Protection
  • Prevents Skimming
  • Prevents Overfilling & Diesel Spills
  • Investment Returns of up to 2,500%


Independently PROVEN to be the most effective anti-siphon at preventing 3rd party theft.

  • 75% More Effective than the nearest competing basic Anti-Siphon
  • Unique Solid Dome Base ensures maximum protection
  • Robust Attack-Proof Design